The Problem:
Account managers, Project managers, managers and employees don’t have a centralized tool that can categorize everything related to a project that’s always accessible with any Internet connection.

Issues that need to be solved for:
- Everyone needed to stay informed
- throughout a project life time.
- Files need to be stored and organized.
- Tasks can be created for individuals.
- Milestones can be managed.
- You can find anything relating to that project
- in snap by simply searching for it.

The Solution:
Design an easy to adapt desktop app that will allow the user to surface relevant and useful information without losing touch with what is happening in real time.

The Process:
Validate the problem, end users and project goals by using these tools:
User research, Interviews, Define personas, Competitive analysis, Task Analysis, Personas, Business goals

Organize discovery into the overall perspective of the layout:
Sketch, Wireframing, User flow, Interaction design, Information Architecture

Create first perspectives of the design using design tools such as:
Visual design, Typography, Screen Mockup, Style guide

Usability Testing:
Frequent feedback from stake holders, executives and members of the team as well as the end users:
A-B testing, Survey, Analytics, Feedback

Validate and learn from user behavior:
Road map, Documentation, Next steps plan

Plan for the next version.

The Personalization:
With the demographic in mind overall esthetic chosen was flat and 2D will subtle elements of perspective. The color palette used was a blend of new colors and the company brand colors.

The Takeaway:
Designing for this product has given me invaluable experience in creating a design system that can scale and be used in a wide variety of situations, and it has taught me a lot about process and collaboration in an agile environment. It’s also given me a greater appreciation for the importance of a well-designed user interface, especially in an application like this that has the ability to scale to the users needs.